Woods Cross, UT has a great mix of modernization and nature. It’s a perfect place to raise a family because of its low crime rate and gorgeous parks. After all, safety is always a priority when starting a family. UT Flatwork Concrete Company provides that level of security with our durable concrete constructions. Here are some of the services we provide:

  1. Concrete Foundations: all houses begin with a good foundation. Strong foundations are necessary for the safety of a home and its inhabitants. Our expertise in concrete shows in the quality of our foundations. You’ll find peace of mind knowing that your house stays top on level and sturdy ground.
  2. Concrete Ramps: we firmly believe in accessibility for all. Our ramps follow the Americans with Disability Act. We make ramps with your safety in mind. You can rest assured that everyone in your family can get wherever and whenever in your home.
  3. Concrete Basements: basements provide storage, extra living space, and places to control your utilities from. It’s the one room you can rely on when things go bad outside. We make our basements like bunkers. They’re durable and look great too!
  4. Concrete Pool Decks: Love hosting barbecues or parties? Then our pool decks are the ones for you. Our pool decks are made to last and made to your tastes. After you’ve submitted your pool deck design, leave it to us to turn that vision into reality!
  5. Concrete Garage Slabs: Cars are some of the most valuable items for most families. It only makes sense to store your car in the best conditions. Our concrete slabs provide a stable, sturdy place to keep your vehicle. No cracks, no fuss!

UT Flatwork Concrete Company knows that the customer is always right. We have a wide range of concrete colors. You’ll be able to match whatever aesthetic you’re going for! If you need quality concrete work, UT Flatwork would be happy to provide.