Utah Flatwork Company: Utah’s Premier Concrete Garage Slab Installer

concrete garage slabs utah

Are you looking for affordable and durable concrete garage slabs? Let Utah Flatwork Company do all the dirty work for you!

Concrete garage slabs need to be resilient and fancy. They not only hold up your vehicle, but they typically hold the weight of whatever else you store in your garage, like your tools and gardening equipment. What’s more, they take a lot of abuse. They can withstand contaminant spills such as motor oil, gas, and antifreeze without staining.

Here at Utah Flatwork Company, we want you to be confident in your garage slab. That is why we offer installation services for concrete garage slabs at competitive prices.

How Do We Install Concrete Garage Slabs?

Our team of professional concrete installers has been serving our Utah customers for years. Among our services, we offer reliable installation and creation of concrete garage slabs.

Our installation process includes:

  • Base Preparation: the first thing that our team will do is prepare the soil underneath your concrete slab. The preparation process includes leveling, removing debris, and ensuring that the ground is strong enough to support the slab’s weight.
  • Installing A Vapor Barrier: the vapor barrier is an integral part of your concrete garage slab. It removes the water underneath in the soil underneath the slab to prevent soil weakening and erosion.
  • Concrete Mixing: to ensure that all our concrete garage slabs are strong and durable, our team will use the best quality concrete mix available on the market.

How Can You Make Your Slabs Last A Lifetime?

Even if you receive the best service for us, you still need to take care of your lovely slabs. As they say, diamonds aren’t forever, and so are slabs.

  • Cleaning: just once a year should suffice. This is to remove dirt and rust buildups and to keep ‘em nice and shiny.
  • Seal Inspections: once a year will also do. Even though we’ll provide you with quality slabs, seals are always the first ones to give up. And if they do, the slabs and the soil below will be at risk of water damage.
  • Contacting Us: feel free to give us a call whenever you want to get the slabs checked!