Utah Flatwork Company: The Leading Experts of Concrete Ramps

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Know more about Utah Flatwork Company and their Finest Workmanship of Concrete Ramps in Salt Lake City and the Nearby Areas

Make your property more accessible by having concrete ramps. Are you looking for a professional to do it for you? No worries! Utah Flatwork Company is the most trusted choice for making your concrete ramps convenient for everyone!

What is a Concrete Ramp?

Concrete ramps are inclined surfaces made from concrete built instead of or in addition to stairs. They make a property accessible to wheelchairs, pushcarts, strollers, vehicles, and other wheeled objects.

That’s why Utah Flatwork Company is your trusted concrete ramp builder; we guarantee a safe and well-built ramp within the law standards.

Speaking of law standards, if you are building a wheelchair concrete ramp, we ensure that our experts will follow the design standards according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

The recommended ratio for a building ramp for it to be accessible for wheelchairs and scooters is 1:12. It means that for every 1 inch of vertical rise, it would need at least 12 inches of ramp height.

Although there are portable ramps available in the market, it’s still better to have a sturdy concrete ramp. Don’t settle for portable ramps! Build a concrete ramp to ensure everyone’s safety!

Aside from wheelchair concrete ramps, we also build driveway curb ramps whenever you need to. And don’t worry about the water filling up the side of the curb because we’ll make sure that the water flows freely beneath the ramp.

For any insights and estimates about concrete ramps, our experts are always ready to hit the road!