We are Utah Flatwork Concrete Company. Your Local Concrete Contractors!

Your reliable concrete flatwork service provider for residential and commercial properties within Utah since 1999.

For the past two decades, providing concrete flatwork services in Utah became our life. Always seeing satisfied clients became our daily motivation. This passion helps us continue to dedicate ourselves to provide our professional services, paving the path to success for every citizen in Utah.

More than twenty years ago, we started providing our specialty in masonry and other concrete related construction in Salt Lake City. We learned a lot on the way through our continuous improvement and achieved a level of commitment that can satisfy every property owner within Utah. We also invested in the equipment we use, which helps us meet or exceed our clients’ standards.

Our team keeps growing as our clients refer us to their network, allowing us to provide more excellent services. We value this growth as milestones and stay motivated to meet property owners’ demand here in Utah. Now, we can provide the best quality of concrete flatwork that can withstand Utah’s unfriendly climate. Our experience also made us able to make concrete with different colors, finishes, and textures.

Concrete Flatwork Paved How We Live Today

We can walk, run, and jog safely on a flat and finished concrete pathway in these modern times. We sometimes take this privilege for granted, and we will realize it when our path seems challenging to walk through. We became aware of how important it is to walk on a flat, smooth, and sturdy surface. We need concrete flatwork to achieve this desirable result. It means pouring concrete on a horizontal plane and creating a usable surface for walking safely.

Concrete flatwork isn’t limited to the process of pouring concrete and finishing the surface. Its main benefit is its structural integrity, as it imitates the physical properties of rocks while providing the freedom to shape it before drying. Achieving the strength that will enable it to last beyond a lifetime requires the expertise of mixing the precise amount of its components.

Because technology goes forward, concrete flatwork now abides standards and legal approvals. Decorative possibilities became more achievable, which benefits property owners. However, achieving the standards requires expertise and necessary tools, making commercial concrete flatwork exclusive for experts. Property owners who desire to avail of concrete flatwork need to consult with professional providers before having one.

Who We Are

It is impressive how concrete can transform everything in our society. Because most modern human-made structures such as highways, skyscrapers, bridges, houses need concrete, we are all witnesses of the importance of concrete in our lives. That is why we dedicate our services to making concrete flatwork for our local community. Learn more about us here.

Our Team

Utah Flatwork Concrete Company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and specializes in masonry and other concrete construction work. With over 20 years of experience from other companies, our ability to supply high-quality concrete ensures our expertise with this material.

Our Passion

Concrete has advantages that benefit all its users from manufacture to end-use. Concrete is durable, easy to mold, easy to maintain, resistant to elements, and sustainable. Complete also offers flexibility in its construction and appearance. Our team mastered the processes to make high-quality concrete, so we continue to use this passion to sustain the growing demand for concrete flatwork in Utah.

Our Quality

We believe that quality is the best asset that everyone wants. For concrete projects, Utah Flatwork Company uses high-quality raw materials such as concrete and aggregates. We also implement high standards for our team members as experts in the industry. We make sure that a member’s experience and expertise is enough to use the right tools and techniques to produce a satisfactory result. We also invested in high-quality equipment and tools to meet or exceed standard construction practices for concrete flatwork.

What We Do

We ensure that your property has a quality concrete flatwork that suits your personality or branding without compromising safety standards. Consider approaching us to avoid undesirable concrete issues such as cracking, staining, scaling, and crazing. If you are thinking of building or repairing concrete flatwork, have a look at our services below.

Concrete Driveways

Nothing compares to going home feeling welcome and safe. Ensuring that your vehicle can hit the road safely from your garage is a necessary step for safety. That is why having a concrete driveway will help you complete your daily routine.
We are offering concrete driveway installation and repair services within Utah. Our services include concrete mixing, joint placement, drainage creation, concrete curing, and proper finishing. Our team uses the best quality raw materials and equipment, making sure that you get the best concrete driveways in your area.

Concrete Garage Slabs

Your car deserves sturdy flooring that can withstand its weight. That is why concrete garage slabs will help your vehicle stay safe inside your property. The garage may also serve as vehicle storage because sometimes, it houses tools and gardening equipment. Concrete flooring on your garage can withstand contaminant spills without staining.
That is why we install concrete garage slabs. We have a professional team that installs concrete, serving Utah customers for around two decades. We also offer repairs for the floor of your garage, Making a safe environment for your vehicle.

Concrete Patios

You don’t need to worry about expressing your style and impressing your visitors with concrete patios’ long-lasting beauty. Building concrete patios enable you to attain a stylish pathway that complements your garden ideas and caters to your backyard events. We have the necessary tools to help you achieve your dream concrete patios depending on your desired location, size, measurements, shape, color, texture finishing, and budget. After that, you can enjoy celebrating a vacation in your backyard or even setting up garden features!

Concrete RV Pads

We take great pride in installing affordable and reliable concrete RV pads. Since you are not always on the road and don’t want the metal jacks damaged, we recommend considering having a concrete RV pad. Because an RV weighs around 5,000 pounds, imagine how much pressure the ground receives to keep your RV standing. The design of your vehicle’s wheels intends to have good traction on a concrete path. Why not provide it a resting place with the same material?

Concrete Retaining Walls

Does the soil in your backyard have a risk of collapsing? We recommend you to build concrete retaining walls to support it and prevent erosion. Concrete retaining walls come in different types, but if you are unsure of what to install in your backyard, don’t hesitate to let us know! We can inspect your place, analyze the situation, and give you insights into what type of retaining walls your backyard needs.

Concrete Foundations

We recommend you consult the experts if you need preparation for the flooring of your house. With a solid concrete foundation, You can avoid frequent repairs and even prevent your building from collapsing. We can agree that a concrete foundation is an essential structural part of buildings. By consulting our services, you can assure a proper implementation of foundation pouring in your building. If you need concrete foundations, look no more than Utah Flatwork Company!

Concrete Basement Floors

Are you thinking about getting your basement floor? Today, the concrete finish is available because of its ability to give a house a minimalist look. Concrete is the best material for basement floors today because it is modern, cost-effective, and sturdy. Because some basements can be cold and damp because of the concrete, we implement building codes to place vapor barriers and under your basement flooring. We ensure that your basement will be comfortable and, at the same time, free from mold.

Concrete Ramps

Some properties require accessibility for wheelchairs, pushchairs, strollers, vehicles, and other wheel objects. Concrete is necessary in these modern times to build these inclined surfaces. Although portable ramps are available in the market, having a sturdy concrete ramp is the best investment. We implement the design standards according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Should you think of having a concrete ramp in your place, look no more than Utah Flatwork Company!

Concrete Pool Decks

Do you want to enjoy the freedom of transforming your pool into a piece of art? If you want it to be perfect for events and celebrations, collaborating with Utah Flatwork Company will help you achieve great value, durability, customizability, and easy maintenance. We create affordable yet winter-proof solutions, saving you time, energy, and money. Enjoy concrete pool decks in your backyard by landscaping and celebrating social events like ever before!

Concrete Sidewalks & Curbs

Enjoy a safe and elegant walk around your property by having sidewalks and curbs made by our team! Our construction process uses standard measurements, procedures, and materials for safety purposes. We also don’t recommend you to wait when you need to have your concrete sidewalks & curbs repaired because of safety and violation concerns. We also recommend investing in a curb so neighbors or customers don’t pull onto your commercial lawn or sidewalk.