Concrete is the most used building material in the world. It’s used twice as often as every other material combined. However, not all concrete is made equal. Here at UT Flatworks Company, we use high-quality concrete ensuring robust and long-lasting construction. Our experienced professionals handle each job with technique and expertise.

We do all kinds of jobs. Here are some of the projects we offer:

  1. Concrete Pool Decks: if you love having people over, then you’d love our pool decks. Our pool decks are affordable, durable, and they look great too! Impress friends and family with a slick-looking pool deck that lasts long also.
  2. Concrete Garage Slabs: your garage is only as good as the slabs that hold it up. Our slabs are strong and load-bearing. Don’t expect to see crack show up for a while!
  3. Concrete Patios: Patios play a large part in the look of a house. With our patios, you’ll never sacrifice looks for durability. Our wide selection of concrete colors will allow you to match your deck with your home quickly!
  4. Concrete Foundations: The most crucial step in home construction is the foundation. To feel safe in your own home, a strong foundation is necessary. Our concrete foundations do just that. With experience under our belt, we know the ins and outs of foundation building. Feel confident knowing that the ground under your feet was built with the utmost care. Your safety is a priority.
  5. Concrete Sidewalks: Sidewalks get taken for granted. Sidewalks contribute to the aesthetic of a neighborhood very subtly. We understand that and look to make charming and strong sidewalks. Let us beautify your suburb with the cleanest looking sidewalks on the market.

Living in Syracuse, UT, is exceptionally convenient. Just 20 minutes away from Salt Lake City, and local ski resorts have made convenience a norm in this city. We offer that same convenience in our work, making life easy as ever for you. If you’re looking for reliable concrete contractors, we’re ready when you are!